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The real founder, motivator and financer for Pradita Technosoft is Mr. Vijay Kumar Verma. Who has given the directorship to Prateek. Prateek has over 7+ years of experience in the digital, web, and small business marketing space.He has since worked in Askme/Pradita Technosoft Private Limited (small business selling; listing and tools) and Xiaomi (started better mobile at low price, their technical support division).He was motivated to start Pradita Technosoft to bring the latest technology tools to world of small business. As, every business looks for one stop solution for its business requirements. He started his career as an entrepreneur selling digital marketing services and website development along with mobile apps to small businesses. Small business retailers today are fighting a daily battle of survival. There’s increased competition from big retail chains and e-commerce, and consumers that are getting more demanding and sophisticated.

Pradita Technosoft Private Limited’s mission is to help SME retailers and more by providing those tools that help them grow their business, which is enough to settle business requirements. We are building advanced tools that use the latest in web, mobile, and Internet technologies. At the same time, we focus hard to make their usability as simple as possible. We know that our business customer wants to focus on running their business, and do not want to get confused by technology.

We are encouraged daily by the feedback received from our customers about how our solutions are helping them grow their business. We also try to make their suggestions live in the software if possible. We feel excited to realize that there is a win-win scenario for everyone.

Design & Development

The design and development of our product has been done real-time, from the field visit and requirement analysis of various retail customers.

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Prateek Verma

Founder & CEO

Nivedita Verma





Software Developer